Learn the history – past and present – that connects our community.

Can you make JELL-O on Isle Royale?

Join the Gale family as they make JELL-O off of the back dock in Tobins Harbor! A little ingenuity (and generations of dessert-loving family members) goes a long way on Isle Royale. Summer 2022.

An accomplished storyteller, Grant Merritt shares a bit of family history on the 100th Anniversary of the Merritt family’s connection to Isle Royale. Joined by island friends and family around a Merritt campfire, a warm and welcoming gathering place for the island community.
Grant Merritt beaming at Merritt Camp in Tobin’s Harbor
Grant Merritt details the influence Isle Royale had on his career as an environmental attorney and activist. Interview by Carolyn Klein (daughter).

Jean Rockwell Anderson reads excerpts from her book Summertime at Isle Royale.

(From left) Lucile, Laurie, John, Joan and Roy at Merritt camp, across from Snell camp in Tobin’s Harbor.
Molly Richter, daughter of John Snell and Janet Flory and granddaughter of Joan and Laurie Snell, reads an except on Isle Royale from Joan Snell’s memoir.